Pure cold-pressed extra virgin coconut & olive oil helps hydrate skin & hair for healthy skin & skinny hair. Coconut is known for its natural properties in acting as a natural skin defence from bacteria & fungal growth which is a common cause of skin breakouts such as acne, rash & flaky skin. Coconut oil is a light delicate oil which allows the skin to easily absorb the natural goodness of coconut.


Olive oil is another well known natural skin & hair hydrator. It locks in moisture which can be lost due to washing with harsh shampoos & shower gels which as well as cleaning the body, hair & scalp of dirt & dead skin, it strips the skin of its natural protective barrier known as sebum. 


The culmination of both Coconut & olive oil helps protect, repair & moisturise the skin without any added parabens, preservative or artificial fragrances just pure nature. 



This product is versatile and can be used for hair & skin, as a daily moisturizer or hair mask  be creative. 



Ingredients: Extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin coconut & Olive oil | Skin moisturizer

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