-For dull & dry hair 
-repairs damaged and weak hair
-Natural UV protector for hair & skin
-PH balanced and can be used on skin & hair
- zero plastic
-zero artificial chemicals, parabens, preservatives
-100% fresh ingredients
-10% of all profits go to weforest


Our blend of olive oil and coconut oil is a great way to hydrate dry and dull hair. Coconut oil is a light oil that hydrates the hair without a greasy feel that some oils may leave. Make sure your hair stays protected from heat damage as well with the added extra virgin olive oil which prevents heat damage. Known for its great natural properties in repairing damaged hair and giving your hair a natural shine. Our blend of Olive oil and coconut oil work from root to tip. We do not believe achieving healthy hair starts from hair, in fact, it starts from the scalp. We make sure our oils are naturally PH balanced. PH matters, a very acidic PH can alter the skin's PH causing skin issues this also goes for a very alkaline PH as well. So we make sure that all our products are balanced to a PH level of 7 which is neither too acidic nor alkaline it’s just right. 




Olive oil has many benefits for hair. One of which is reducing inflammation which causes dandruff. Dandruff in the long term can also cause hair loss due to skin build-up which will block hair follicles. This leads to the hair follicles not being able to grow hair to its full potential and instead fall out due to a lack of nutrients being able to reach the hair follicle. Olive oil is also full of fatty acids which are antioxidants for the scalp. Olive oil also has vitamin E which overtime helps reduce dry skin.




Coconut oil is a light oil that is a great hydrator for dry hair and scalp. A dry scalp can cause dandruff and increase skin shedding. Our hair naturally requires oil this is why it produces sebum. Sebum is a highly concentrated oil produced by our scalp full of nutrients that our hair follicles need to thrive. Having a dry scalp can starve the hair follicles of these nutrients. Coconut oil has many nutrients to rebalance scalps oil production. Coconut is naturally high in fatty acids that hydrate and protect the scalp. It also fights the cause of dandruff which is known as a fungus called Malassezia. It is a natural UV blocker to protect hair from heat damage done by the sun.


What we use in this product?


It is fairly simple. We believe that the best quality of the oil depends on the process. Our process is simple this allows the oils to retain all their properties and nutrients. Oils that are heavily processed lose a lot of their natural qualities. We also believe in the power of nature so we do not add any artificial fragrance, preservative, or parabens.


Our oils are 100% cold-pressed. This means there is no heat used whatsoever. Many hair oils use a mechanical process that uses heat which affects the overall oil quality. A cold-pressed oil means more of the nutritional value of the oil is retained so you get the best quality possible.


We only use freshly picked ingredients. Did you know many companies do not use fresh ingredients in their products? Ingredients in your hair oils can be extracted from plants picked weeks or months before. This reduces quality and potency. We only select fresh ingredients so you get the best out of our products.


How to use?


We recommend you use this oil at least twice a week for the best results. Use 5-6 drops and massage into the hair. The oil can be left in overnight and washed out in the morning for deep conditioning. This can also be left for at least 1 hour in the hair and then washed out.


This oil can also be left in as a natural leave-in conditioner. Use 2-3 drops and massage in and leave.



Extra virgin coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil 


Coconut & olive oil | Essential oil hair & skin

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