Our scalps & hair go through a lot. We use hair products on a daily basis & wash our hair with harsh shampoos & live in environments where dirt, greasy & sweat builds up on the scalp. This can cause pores on the scalp to clog up and hinder hair growth & make hair look lifeless and dull.


Our scalp & hair rejuvenator is made from 4 powerful natural essential oils. All of these oils have been cold-pressed & are unrefined to keep the natural properties of these ingredients in this hair serum locked in.


Extra virgin olive oil


Olive oil is high in omega which is a good fatty acid that our skin needs. Olive has omega 3 which our body can not naturally make. Our scalp can often be dry from the harsh shampoos & drying agents in hairspray or hair products we often use. Olive oil also protects hair from heat damage & deeply conditions hair.  


Extra virgin coconut oil


We use extra virgin coconut oil to hydrate hair and provide natural UV protection from sunlight. If you do not wear a hat to cover your hair, direct sunlight can damage your hair making it look dry & dull. Coconut oil protects hair & skin from harmful UV light.


Black seed oil


Often an unheard of oil but with powerful natural properties that have amazing benefits to hair & skin we could not leave this incredible ingredient out. Black seed helps strengthen hair and reduced skin flaring which is often seen as dandruff. Black seed also helps prevent damage done by heat & styling & also deeply moisturizes the hair.



Rosemary essential oil


Rosemary helps stimulate blood flow which is often the cause of increased hair fall. More blood flow to the scalp means more nutrients for the scalp to grow healthy hair. Rosemary protects scalp & skin from bacteria which can cause fungal infections on the scalp such as dandruff. 



How to use this product?


Firstly take 2-4 drops and massage into scalp using fingertips for 2-3 minutes 


Take another 1-3 drops of oil and apply it to the hair & ends.


If you need more then apply as needed.


We recommend you leave it on the scalp overnight or for at least 30 minutes to absorb into the scalp. If you have a greasy scalp we do not recommend you leave it overnight.


For best results when washing hair apply lukewarm water first. This will open up hair cuticles and scalp pores to allow for better absorption. 




Scalp & hair rejuvenator | Essential oil hair oil

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