-Great for weak & damaged hair
-repairs damaged & helps with regrowth of new hair
-100% cold-pressed
- zero plastic
-zero artificial chemicals, parabens, preservatives
-100% fresh ingredients
-10% of all profits go to weforest



Black seed oil is underrated for its haircare properties. It is a great oil for achieving stronger, healthier and skinnier hair. Black seed oil has also shown the ability to regrow hair in thinning areas and can help reduce hair loss. It has anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for the scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.


Black seed can repair damaged hair. Great for those who color treat hair often and use products that can chemically strip the hair.


We use only 100% cold-pressed black seed oil from pure nigella sativa seed. We make sure that our black seeds are picked at the best seasonal picking times for the best quality and potency. Our oils are all cold-pressed so all the nutritional value stays locked in. We do not refine or chemically preserve our oils which many other producers may do.  


How to use?


We recommend you use this black seed hair treatment 2-3 times a week for the best results. It should be used for at least 3 months for the best results and to see new hair growth. 

Use 5-6 drops and massage into hair and scalp. Leave overnight or wash out after at least 1 hour for best results.

Black seed has a strong smell so we do not recommend you leave it in but it’s your hair so you can leave it in if you want to.
This oil can be used on the skin as well. Black seed is great for acne. Leave black seed oil on for 30 minutes on the skin and wash off. 


No to plastic. We are making a statement to reduce plastic use in our products. Our oils come in black recycled glass bottles. This reduced plastic use. The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest users of plastic and we want to change that.


We also support the Weforest organization. 10% of all profit will go towards Weforest. Read more about what they do here.




Our products are 100% cruelty-free. 100% organic and natural with no added preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances or colors.



Pure Black seed oil from Sativa  


Pure Black seed oil |Essential oil

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