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So we have dedicated this to the men with afro hair and dreadlocks. There are many types of dreadlocks short, long, straight, curly you name it there are so many hairstyles you can pull off with dreadlocks. We will reveal 5 hairstyles. Which one will be your favorite hairstyle?

Most stylish instagramers april 2019


This is the afro hair take on the man bun. In my opinion, this hairstyle looks cooler if you have long dreads. There are many ways to achieve this style you can have a cleaner man bun by making sure all the dreads are locked into the bun. Or let some loose. Both look cool. If you going for a smarter look we recommend a cleaner bun tied back. But if you’re feeling a more chilled out hairstyle vibe then let some of those locks loose.


So as of recently, there has been a trend for highlight on hair. This trend has come about in for all hair types both men and women. This hair trend has also come around for dreadlocks. Many afro celebrities who have dreadlocks have highlights on their locks.

The color does not need to be blonde it can be any color so long you can rock the hairstyle with confidence. The twisted medium sized dreads also give more character, leaving a little messy looking is okay. It gives off a chill vibe.


There are many ways to achieve this hairstyle. You can ask for a simple fade or a fade with patterns to give it more character.


This style was first seen on Michael B Jordan. This style is a hipster kind of style. It gives off a lot of character. You need to be confident to style this one out. It is recommended to have medium sized dreads for this. You can fade out the sides for more definition.


This hairstyle is for men with long to very long dreadlocks. You can style it towards either side or just style it back.

A lot of these hairstyles do not need much hair products. But it is still very important to take care of your dreads especially if you tie it back or do any styling with your hair as dreadlocks can look tough but they are delicate and do need care.

This is why we recommend you take a look at a few of  Dreadshop's products. They have a range of products for dreads. 

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