Best shoes of this month for men

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Winter fashion



Finding a good pair of shoes or trainers/sneakers is very hard with so many different designs colours to choose from. The shoe/sneaker industry is continuously seeing more and more innovative designs and big releases from Nike and Adidas happen nearly every week. The market is so oversaturated no wonder why it’s so hard to find the right pair of shoes. So we’ve selected the best shoes/sneakers of this month. The shoes mentioned have all been released recently not specifically this month.

Veja trainners

The veja campo low top trainers are simple but eye catching. Made from high quality vegan friendly leather these shoes are made to last. The creators of this shoe picked the material very carefully taking into consideration its effect on the environment and even added a rubber sole sourced from the Amazonian forest which is the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild.

Adidas consortium

This sneaker was the creation of a collaboration between a Tokyo label White mountaineering and Adidas. The Adidas consortium is the result of the expertise of Adidas’s incredible reputation of unquie design and White mountaineering expertise of outdoor gear. The shoes is inspired by Japanese anime and the shoe feature a waterproof rubber lining and under layer great for hiking, running and outdoor activities. These are also great for making a fashion statement as well with the famous and well known Adidas strips adding subtle character to the trainer. 

Axel arigato clean 90 sneaker

The axel arigato clean 90 has a simple design all black with a white sole and gold foil branding. The sole comes in different colours with the main top part in black but the top can also be found in different colours as well to meet your taste. The Axel arigato although is a simple shoe it looks very classy and smart so it can be worn with smart/casual clothing. The Axel arigato clean 90's do come with bird prints option as well. The shoe is made from Italian leather so it’s very durable and will not get scratched up as easily as cheaper materials. The Alex arigato shoes cost around £150. This is quite expensive for such as simple shoe but due to the Italian leather the price point of this shoes is quite obvious.

Originals X TFL Continental 80 shoes

Recently there has been a craze in the street wear fashion market for retro clothes. Well these Adidas originals X TFL Continental 80 shoes will bring the retro vibe to your outfits. This shoe has a retro design with multiple colours which give it character and makes it stand out when compared to more modern shoes if you’d like. The design and shape of the shoes are the result of Adidas originals working with Transport of London which pays tribute to London's twelve underground stations. The station sign can be found on the back near the heel of the shoe.

Adidas originals by Alexander Wang

The Adidas Original by Alexander Wang are incredibly good looking pair of shoes. Adidas collaborated with Alexander Wang who is an American urban clothing fashion designer. The design of the Adidas Originals emits this Urban street wear vibe.

Well here it is. Comment down below which one of these shoes was your fravioute?