TruRyder was founded in late 2017 around December. The reason behind Truryder was to become a brand which represents 21st-century men. But we want to extend this further and make it a community where men from all age group can come to for answers to their questions. All of us men know that there are thousands of blogs and communities based on women's fashion, health & fitness, answering their daily fashion/beauty related questions, but what about us Men? 
This is why Truryder was created. We look to help men gain their self-confidence back in fashion and manly related issues. This blog/community will help answer questions us men have. We will produce weekly content on this website. So feel free to join our mailing list for notification of the latest posts and ask us any questions so we can help answer your questions. I mean after all, that is what we are here to do.




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Trurdyer is a blog specifically for men's fashion, fitness, and health. Truryder was founded to make a difference in men's fashion and help men find answers to their question about Fashion, fitness, diet and health care. This is the main reason why Truryder was set up. 

The name Truryder was inspired by the words true & rider. True is to represent us, men, we are true to what we represent through what we wear how we look. Rider represents a person who is down for whatever, they are fearless and they are true to what they believe in and will always stand by it.  

A rider will go the length to achieve their goals, missions, and dream and will even be willing to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve them. 

The combination of these two words put together represents us, men. We will go to great lengths to achieve our goals and ambitions and always stand true to our words, we are also fearless and can face any challenge no matter how hard it is or gets. This idea created this blog to empower men in the 21st century who are sometimes forgotten over women in the sense of fashion, fitness, and lifestyle.   

One thing to clear is that this blog was not created to make us men more superior than women. We want this blog to represent men and women equally. We want men to be seen equally in the fashion, fitness, and lifestyle as women, we want men to be confident about their looks and build a community where men can come to ask questions and get an answer to their questions as well.